www.patraeastmidlands.co.uk uses cookies.

Like most modern websites, www.patraeastmidlands.co.uk uses cookies. EU Regulations require that we get your informed consent to use cookies.

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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that websites store in your browser in order to accomplish various tasks.

Each time you view something on such a website your browser sends the right cookies to that website, often so that it can use them to check if you are logged in or have any stored preferences.

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What are we using cookies for?

Cookies on this website are used for a number of purposes. Any parts of the website that involve being logged in will require a cookie in order to tell who you are, as do any parts that require us to remember choices that you have made for later.

We sometimes use cookies to make sure you are not a robot! For example if you fill in a contact form on this website we may ask you to fill in a Captcha to make sure we are not being spammed by an automated agent. This mechanism uses cookies.

We sometimes use cookies to get a general idea of how people view our site - for example to see which links are popular. This information is not used to identify you personally - it is there to help us improve our website.

Lastly we use so-called third party cookies to allow our site to work with other sites - for example social media sites: 'Like', 'Tweet', and '+1' buttons use cookies set by third parties (Facebook, Twitter and Google in these cases).

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How can cookies be managed?

Turning off cookies altogethter is often a bad idea - it can break vital components of websites. However, some cookies can be blocked while still allowing websites to function.

Modern browsers have settings that can control cookies, and some have plugins available that can selectively block the types of cookie that you may not want.

For more information you can visit http://aboutcookies.org/

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