Positive Action is:-

A means of combating the under-representation of Black and other ethnic minority groups and countering the impact of racism, racial discrimination and racial disadvantage.


PATRA Inc ACDA seeks to remove forms of disadvantage that prevent individuals from BME Groups, competing on an equal basis in the labour market. It is also a means of ensuring that BME groups are properly represented in skilled and senior positions in proportion to their presence in the labour market.

Positive Action is lawful under the Section 158 of the Equality Act 2010. There are essentially 4 types of Positive Action which can be utilised under different sections of the act, these are:-

  • Encouragement Measures
  • Pre-entry Training
  • In Service Training
  • Special Needs

Encouragement - measures that can be used in order to encourage members of a particular racial group to take advantage of opportunities for employment where they are under-represented.

Pre-entry Training - can be provided to members of a particular ethnic group who have been under-represented over the previous 12 months in a particular type of work. Employers and specific training bodies are able to provide access to facilities for training in order to up skill members of a particular racial group. Trainees do not have employed status and are not guaranteed employment at the end of the training.

In service training - for those in employment, employers can provide training for persons currently under their employment or they can secure the services of a training organization to carry out the training on their behalf.

The Special Needs - the special needs of a person of a particular racial group can be met with regards to their education, training or welfare. This can be exemplified by the provision of English language course for speakers of other languages.